Colby Jansen and Zeb Atlas

We’ve perhaps not observed body builder Zeb Atlas in this fresh scene for “Gay Fuck My Hole” since September one year ago. So it’s going to be fascinating to see him again, in the first portion of the show that is brand new for the gay paysite. Colby Jansen has created more than 60 films with this online hardcore business, and he was last seen by us in “Mid Night Swim Trent Ferris”, with the absolutely fuckable and adorable twink. Two hunky, tough and warm heavies who equally explain themselves here although we’ve the powerful Zeb Atlas and the powerful Colby. How’s that heading to work afterward? Just one way to discover …

It’s quite clear who’s going to play with leading as Zeb whips to get down on it. If you have actually endured a military dream, both as the bad soldier who gets ordered about, utilized and abused or as the man in cost, then this one is heading deliver you back to your own barracks howling for a challenging jerk-off and barking loud. Sucks on the dependable rotating shaft while his rock is gradually revealed by Zeb solid muscles, his totally toned body and his totally smooth torso.

The scene is a one, as you may expect from your title. Colby asks his officer in command, Zeb, is unhappy with him and how extended the tour of duty will go on. And in what seems like dialogue therefore the scene unfolds, before the hot things begins and it’s also not long.