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Hot Gay Twinks doing the Helix Porn dance

Ashton Summers and Travis Berkley are the two handsome twinks starring in this latest offering from Helix Studios, and it is scorching hot.
The stars
Ashton Summers is a hot Latin boy with a chiselled chest, a well defined smooth body and high cheekbones. He is a six-foot hunk with dark brown hair, sexy brown eyes, and he is a top with an eight-inch dick and big beautiful thick lips.
Travis Berkley is a fun-loving college student and loves to run in marathons. He is five feet ten inches tall with light brown hair, cheeky hazel eyes, and he is versatile with a six-and-a-half-inch cock.
The movie
Hunky Latin boy, Ashton Summers, and new twink to Helix Studios, Travis Berkley, have been put together to do a photoshoot. With a white background and no distractions, these two-look gorgeous, and they really go for it as the photographer shoots away. As they get photographed, these handsome twinks really get into it, and into each other. They kiss and start taking their shirts off as they pose in various positions together. Travis strokes Ashton’s ripped smooth stomach, and things start to get hot and horny.
Aston’s cock is so hard that Travis can’t help but stroke on the huge bulge in his tiny tight briefs, and pretty soon he is pulling them down and sucking on his thick juicy bell-end. The photographer photographs everything, and after a bit more cock sucking, and with the shoot finished, he suggests they go into the bedroom to enjoy themselves. He goes with them and carries on photographing them having fun and being natural.
As soon as they are in the bedroom, Ashton lies down on the bed, and Travis carries on sucking every inch of his huge, fat cock. Even though Travis is the new kid on the block, he sucks cock like a real pro, and as he strokes on that dick, he gets underneath and licks those big juicy balls of Travis’. Travis loves every minute of it, but then he wants to taste Travis’ peachy round twink ass. Travis gets on all fours, puts his head down, arches his back, and offers his sweet ass up for Ashton so he can do anything he desires.
Ashton prises those firm white cheeks apart and gets stuck right in there with his probing tongue. Travis sighs with pleasure, and to turn things up a notch, Ashton runs his thumb up and down that beautiful tight slit.
Aston stands up, and as he bends over, Ashton is right behind him, sliding his raw cock deep into his ass inch by beautiful inch. As soon as he is balls deep into him, he slowly thrusts his hips back and forth. He pulls his cock all the way out, leaving an open empty hole, and then rams it all the way back in causing Travis to cry out with pleasure.
Travis Berkley gets on his back after a while and pulls his knees up to his small hard nipples. Ashton slides his cock back into that now loosened-up hole and drills him harder and faster. You can hear the sound of flesh slapping against young flesh as the banging continues without stopping. With all that drilling going on, and that cock hitting all the right spots, Travis shouts out that he is cumming, and spurts over his smooth twinky skin. Ashton Summers is right after him, he pulls on his cock, and after a couple of strokes, his thick creamy Latin juice lands all over Travis’ freshly fucked man cave, and all over his empty balls. With fresh hot cum covering his big bell-end, Ashton rams his cock right in for one last time and kisses Travis on his college boy lips.
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